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We Stand Together Gear

It's a scary world out there, especially for people belonging to one or more marginalized groups.  In an effort to make the world just a little less scary, our shop has joined the #WeStandTogether movement.  This movement lets others know that as a stranger,  you're there to help.  Whether it's to sit with someone if they are scared and/or alone, ride along with someone on public transportation, stand up for someone who is being bullied, or even put yourself physically between someone in need and an aggressor, if you're wearing a button or put a sticker on your car, marginalized groups of people will know you'll be there for them.  This movement is about more than just solidarity in thought - it's about action.  If you are wearing something to indicate that you will stand together with anyone in a marginalized group, you need to be prepared to do so, in more ways than one.  HERE is a great article that discusses allyship.