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Bamboo Circular Needles

ChiaoGoo needles are made from Chinese Moso bamboo which is the largest and strongest bamboo out of over 1,000 different species.  It is a fast renewable natural resource is easy on our environment.  All needles and hooks are largely handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and women.  Slight differences may occur needle-to-needle.  We offer two different colors, natural and dark patina, but not throughout the whole line.  Lightweight, smooth, and warm to the touch, you will glide effortlessly through your knitting. The circulars have a smooth join and flexible cable that swivels (sizes 3 and up) that will keep you knitting happily.

Our dark patina needles go through an additional thermal process to obtain the darker color.  No dyes or paints are used to attain this richer color. 

It is difficult to find bamboo large enough to produce sizes 17 and 19 needles. Because of this, all of the needles sizes 17 (12.75 mm) through 50 (25 mm) are made from wood. Surprisingly, they are still light weight and well balanced.

9" Circulars: Sizes 0-9

12" Circulars: Sizes 0-9

16" Circulars: Sizes 0-15

24" Circulars: Sizes 0-50

32" Circulars: Sizes 0-50

40" Circulars: Sizes 0-50