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Blue Moon

Tina Newton

More than just a color genius, Tina brings to the yarn world a wealth of fiber knowledge and experience and an extraordinary artistic flair. The love affair started with spinning. Soon after, she began dyeing her own roving and discovered not only a talent but a passion. She then began translating her color theory from her own handspun onto millspun yarns and Blue Moon was born. Tina has a fertile imagination and the practical creativity to support it. This energy is contagious and inspiring. She loves sharing her vision and working with others. This is the spirit of Blue Moon. Tina is the mother of Narayan, Rabia, and Sophie. A vegetarian, homeschooler, therapist, aging hippie chick, and just a blast to be around. Besides chickens, she has a thing for firetrucks. Her favorite song is "Once in a Very Blue Moon."

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