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Classic Custom Spinning Wheel

The Classic Custom allows you to spin any fiber with ease from lace weight to heavy art yarn. 
A unique personally customized show piece allowing you to enjoy a lifetime of trouble free spinning pleasure.

Complete Package Includes:
* 1- Classic Custom Wheel (Your Choice Of Color) with standard flyer
* 1- Jumbo Flyer for Plying and Art Yarn
* 3- 24 oz. Jumbo Bobbins
* 3- 12oz. Standard Bobbins
* 1- Lazy Kate, which holds 3- jumbo bobbins and 3- standard bobbin                      
*  Quality Craftsmanship
*  Breathtakingly Beautiful
*  Spinning Wheel Type- Modern Aerospace grade Aluminum Upright
*  Scotch Tension
*  Orifice Size- .375 Inch
*  Drive Ratio- 6 , 8 and 10  to 1
*  Jumbo Bobbin Head Ratio- 5, 7  and 9 to 1 with 7/8 Inch Orifice
*  Effortless 35 Sealed Ball bearing Wheel 
*  Unique, 10 custom colors to choose from and a wide variety of graphics allows a personal touch
*  MASSIVE bobbins provide high volume spinning
*  Three piece assembly for easy assembly and / or transport
*  Collectible~ Each wheel is signed, dated and sent with a  letter of authenticity
*  Life Time Guarantee
                                                              ~Unmatched quality engineering and design 
                                                              ~No walking, tipping, or snagging of fiber  

* The Classic Custom will not wear out, warp, shrink or lose its factory performance specifications.

~ Our philosophy ~

Each spinning wheel we fabricate is a finely tuned instrument. Built for the purpose of high volume, low maintenance performance for hobby or business spinning needs. Providing fiber enthusiasts (like ourselves) with the most superior material and methods in existence to insure a lifetime of trouble free use.